After nearly 20 years, Cheetahs return to Malawi

High biodiversity areas flourish when game can roam freely across vast tracks of wilderness, adapting to dynamic changes in population densities, rainfall and food supplies. However, the ever increasing pressures from human populations on the edge of unfenced reserves have had devastating effects on both fauna and flora in Africa. In the late 1980’s in Malawi, Cheetahs disappeared as the pressure from nearby communities encroached on their habitat and destroyed their prey. Below is a fantastic good news story of how Cheetahs are being reintroduced to Malawi’s Liwonde National Park, where they can be protected as their population is re-established in Malawi.

Niassa Wilderness

Niassa National Reserve is one of the last true epic wild areas left in the world. It’s a vast and diverse wilderness, located in the Northern most part of Mozambique against the Rovuma River. Niassa is the perfect example of a true African wilderness that is under increasing threat of losing it’s lion and elephant populations to poaching, and urgently needs interventions, in the form of community based projects, to turn the tide on poaching. Our mission at Custodians is to ensure that high biodiversity areas, such as Niassa, are preserved. Niassa Wilderness is a private nonprofit trust, focussed on fighting illegal poaching to ensure the sustained preservation of the Niassa Reserve.

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